Bar Reef Resort

Bar Reef Resort is an eco-friendly beach resort that offers accommodation, beach activities & excursions. It is located in the heart of Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka.


The skilled designers at LAYOUTindex have provided a comprehensive modern web design solution to give its customers the best user experience by using animations & high resolution graphics. This together with a Wordpress CMS gave the client an easy way to represent their resort online. The website also gives prospective clients the ability to check availability and make reservations online.



Bar Reef Resort is a beach resort in Kalpitiya that we provide a multitude of services for. LAYOUTindex designs all their artwork that is used to improve their online presence in addition to designs that are used on printed materials such as booklets & leaflets.


Search Engine Optimization

Bar Reef Resort is a beach resort in Kalpitiya that offers cabana type accommodation and their target audience is mostly tourists. This requires their website to be SEO friendly and rank high for all the right keywords when a prospective customer searches Google from abroad. We ranked them highly fora ll their target keywords in addition to ranking them well for activity related keywords as well.


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